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We are committed to providing patients with the best experience possible. Very often we see patients with significant dental anxiety that doesn't allow them to receive the treatment they need. We are certified to provide both oral and moderate IV sedation. Don't hesitate to bring up your interest in sedation on the phone when scheduling your appointment or during your consultation visit at our office. 

IV moderate sedation is intended to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with dental treatment. A combination of medications are used in order to achieve a state of decreased consciousness. Many patients do not remember anything about the treatment making this an excellent option for anyone feeling apprehensive. 

Oral sedation is another option that can greatly minimize anxiety. 30-60 minutes before treatment a medication is taken orally to allow patients to be in a relaxed state. Despite being very relaxed you will still be able to communicate with our team while treatment is being performed. 

Am I Eligible to be Sedated?

Sedation is a great option for the majority of patients but there are a few instances in which we cannot provide this type of service. Examples of such occurrences include but are not limited to; possible pregnancy, breastfeeding, significant liver or kidney disease, COPD, Body Mass Index over 35, allergy to sedation medications. 

If you are already scheduled for sedation and have forgotten your preoperative instructions please call our office or Dr. Barnett directly and we will be happy to answer any questions.